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NEXX X.R2 Carbon Zero

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3990 kr SEK
3990 kr SEK
3990 kr SEK


X.R2 has made a number of modifications to the design, creating a helmet that holds the technical basis of the XR1.R, but offers a refined aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, with even greater level of comfort and new sport/track solutions.

The outer shell, made with an ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber features the latest technological advances used in Aeronautical Engineering and top level sport.

X.R2 offers a real side-to-side peripheral vision smoking out the standard values with the widest angles currently available on the market.

Presenting a recessed cavity for Pinlock and prepared for the use of Tear-off.
The Visor easy Locking system is operated in the front in a central positioning that allows a more soundproo?ng and hermetic sealing.

3 Air inlets including a chin ventilation system essential for deffoging and 4 air outlets.
The enlarged Easy Flow channels introduced on the EPS liner potentiate the fresh air?ow distributing the cool air into the interior while increasing the exhaust of hot air.

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Artnr: XR2-M
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